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Still Using Cables?

Monitor Data in the Cloud With Wireless Sensors

Add a Sensor
View Data in the Cloud
Receive Alerts

If you need remote monitoring with wireless connectivity, we can create the system for you

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions

  • Wireless Sensors

    Over 50 different types of wireless sensors. For commercial, industrial or residential use.

  • Wireless Gateways

    Connect your sensors online to our monitoring software via 3G, ethernet or USB. Only required if WiFi unavailable.

  • Software & Apps

    Log all your measurement data, configure your settings and set up real time alerts via SMS text, email or phone

  • Accessories

    We offer all the necessary accessories to accompany our wireless sensors, to cater for your application.

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How Sensors Connect to the Cloud

  • Gateway
  • Wifi
"Your Freezer Temperature is Above -2℃"

Receive Alerts When Something Happens

You can't always be watching your sensor's data feed, so you can simply set up alerts and notifications when certain scenarios occur. If your measurement reaches a certain level that you have set up, then you will be notified via an email or SMS message.

An alert will be sent to you immediately and from there you can take your desired course of action.
With Monnit™ sensors you are always in the know.

All Your Data Everywhere

Either on the web or with our app on your device, you can view your current measurements and all the history. The sensors log all the data with timestamps and intuitive graphs. No problem if you are trying to view more than one sensor either. There is no limit to the number of sensors you can keep track of remotely. iMonnit™ Cloud Software>

Easy to Set Up

Monnit™ sensors are continually logging data. Choose your own setting, whether you wish to record your data every minute or you may only need a reading once an hour, you can set this all up on in the cloud or on your device.

Low Power / Long Life

Our sensors use very little power, and the batteries can last for years. On top of that, when the battery is flat, you can simply replace it, compared to others where you have to replace the entire sensor. You can even view the current battery level online.

Configure your sensor to the format you desire
Know when you need to change your battery
View the history of all your past alerts
Check the latest measurement reading