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Remote Monitoring Solutions for Greenhouse Monitoring

Greenhouses require the proper environmental conditions for optimal plant growth and health. If the mixture of temperature, humidity, light and CO2 are incorrect, crops can be lost. Monnit can help you monitor and maintain the proper mix of temperature, humidity and light for your greenhouses. The Monnit Remote Monitoring system allows you to track the temperature, humidity, light, and CO around your plants. Our automated system will then alert you if any conditions fall out of optimal ranges, so you can maximize your fruit and vegetable yield.

    Solutions for the Agriculture Industry

  • Monitor the temperature and be alerted if it falls above or below optimal range
  • Track the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure
  • Protect your plants from dangerous carbon monoxide gases
  • Make sure your plants are receiving adequate light
  • Get alerted if a door or window to a greenhouse was left open