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Remote Monitoring Solutions for Restaurants

No longer any need to worry about losing any of fresh produce. Think how expensive it would be to lose an entire fridge or freezer of full of meat, vegetables, or prepared food. Not just the financial loss of the food, but the opportunity cost of not being able to serve meals, due to lack of food. With out sensors installed, this is no longer a concern. You can keep track of your fridge or freezers temperatures 24 hours a day in the cloud, and receive alerts whenever the temperatures drop.

Starter Kit for Restaurants

ALTA Ethernet Gateway
2 X
ALTA Wireless Temperature Sensor - Coin Cell Powered
45 Day Subscription

    More Restaurants Applications

  • Know refrigerated medication will have the temperature tracked and be alerted to any temperature changes. Temperature Starter Kit
  • No longer worry about leaving your practice door open, as you can receive alerts if it has been left open. Open/Close Starter Kit