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Customer Testimonials

Dominoe's Pizza (Exclusive Facility Services)

Fridge/Freezer Monitoring

On the first day of installation one of the workers had left the walk-in freezer open, this had the open close sensor attached. Funny enough they didn't believe that the sensor was giving the correct data as it had just been installed. They Thought the sensor must be faulty, but in the end did get someone to check the sensor… low and behold the door was open.

The other day their freezer broke down, they lost about £1000 of ice-cream. No temperature sensor was fitted to this freezer, but the head people of the franchise said if only we had a sensor for the freezer to send a warning.

Intelligent Fingerprinting Limited

Room Temperature Monitoring

For our Fridge and freezer monitoring, very happy with the software. I know when the freezer in particular is in use. The system is helping in the correct way that was intended, by getting the alerts we've been able to prevent big loses. We store 000s of £ worth of valuable material in the freezer - it's vital I'm made aware of any issues asap. Nice simple system that works for us.

B&K Universal Ltd

Motor Monitoring

The AC meters are really good thanks, the software is really simple to use and you can set alarm limits really well. The benefits for me is I can now monitor 11 motors out of hours within limits I have set, this is very important for our quality system and something our customers expect from us. Even the phone app is easy to use and I can check in when I want to out of hours. The whole thing was really easy to set up.

Yes, we are generally happy with the Monnit system including the software. We've got a large collection of the sensors from Monnit, in addition to the two orders we placed with you. I appreciate having a UK distributor as it saves us large delivery fees for replacement sensors.

Base4 Innovation Ltd

Room Temperature Monitoring

The benefit we've experienced is the ability to monitor room temperature to make sure we comply with H&S guidelines for our busy lab, and the ability to detect faulty or open freezers which helps safeguard reagents. We have about £20,000 of reagents in freezer storage so the Monnit sensors are vital for looking after this stock.

Chamberlain and Thelwell

Fridge/Freezer Monitoring

We use fridge and freezer units for seafood. It gives me a good warning if the freezers stop working, so we can get on to the problem and not lose too much (if any) stock.

Derham Channons Farm

Milk Temperature Monitoring

We like the fact that we can have the sensor come on at certain times of the day when we are processing the milk. This is helping to maintain the sensors battery life. Helps us keep an eye on the milks temperature so it does not get over-heated. Txt msg alert works well, gives me plenty of warning to get to the milk and investigate the problem, helping to prevent the loss of thousands of £'s worth of milk.

EAC Neubauer

Water Detect Monitoring

Water detect for under the crypt of a church. We have had water leeks causing water damage and mould in the past, which has ruined valuable items which are stored in the crypt. The water detection sensor is positioned where water is most likely to come in. This will give plenty of warning to get to the problem and help save these items.