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Beat the Heat: How Wireless Sensors Help With Restaurant Temperature Control

In the restaurant industry, every tiny detail is truly what makes the meal come to life. A quality chef doesn’t simply look at ingredients and meal creation, but also will analyze their equipment, the freshness and quality of ingredients, and their staff on a daily basis in order to ensure they are always putting their very best product on the table. This is where refrigeration and temperature control truly come into play.


Although it may not seem like a very important aspect of the restaurant world, refrigeration happens to be one of the most significant parts to a quality product. If the product you are presenting is not fresh and out of the danger zone, not only will you not be giving the customer your best, but you could very well make them extremely ill.


Temperature Control in the Restaurant Industry


Perhaps, in your lifetime, you’ve dealt with food poisoning, but if not, you are simply one of the lucky ones. Food poisoning is not only horrendous to experience but is also very dangerous. Recently, multiple individuals became deathly ill, with one even dying of botulism in California caused by gas station nacho cheese.


This ordeal was due to improper product storage which led to the cheese being well within the danger zone for over 2 hours. When a food is in the danger zone for more than 2 hours, it begins to rapidly accumulate bacteria, and the longer it occurs, the more bacteria infect the food product.


This is why temperature control is so important. Temperature control allows restaurant owners and their chefs to keep track of the food quality for their entire walk-in freezer and fridge which ultimately leads to fresher and safer food items for them to cook with.


How Temperature Sensors Make a Difference


The main reason a temperature sensor is so useful is because it allows for restaurants to ensure that their quality produce is kept at the right temperatures at all times and not in danger of bacterial growth. For chefs, this means, that they can focus on the big issues such as meal prep, menu envisioning, putting away truck, and inventory. For owners, they can focus more on the guest experience and less on the food itself, making the restaurant top quality in every facet.


However, there are many sensors currently on the market that are still plugged in, bulky, and force you to check them manually, which can eliminate any of the convenience these devices pertain. This is where our wireless temperature sensor can make all the difference. With our sensor, you not only are given a compact and wire-free device which is easy-to-read and can be given basic parameters to follow, but you also receive email/SMS notifications if the temperature ever exceeds the parameters set.


Furthermore, our sensors can also be NIST certified, meaning that they are top quality. They only require a small coin cell battery to be powered, making them cost effective and energy efficient for any food business.


After all, when your products are the centrepiece of your entire business, keeping them fresh and bacteria-free truly is the main focus, and by using a wireless temperature sensor, you can do just that.