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Food Wireless Monitoring Applications

  • Ice Creameries

    Protect your valuable product by monitoring temperature, taking continual records. When the temperature ever gets too high, receive instant alerts. Keep a track of any freezer doors, if they have been..

  • Bakeries

    Keep track of oven temperature, with high temperature sensors, know your temperatures are consistent to make sure your products are cooked to perfection.

  • Restaurants

    No longer any need to worry about losing any of fresh produce. Think how expensive it would be to lose an entire fridge or freezer of full of meat, vegetables, or prepared food. Not just the financial..

  • Fast Food Chains

    In the fast food business, everything needs to run like clockwork, so how disastrous would it be if a fridge or freezer hadn't been keeping the valuable produce at the correct temperatures. This is no..

  • Food Procurement

    Keep track of all your food storage, manage the temperature accurately with continual tracking recorded into the cloud. Whenever the temperatures fluctuate, receive alerts to protect and save valuable..